Candy Crush Saga – The Game I Love

Candy Crush Saga is among the most thrilling games to be released on the App Storethat’s a good as well as a bad thing. It’s an incredibly enjoyable and fun and adds an original approach to the match-three genre that it can make it stand out from the crowd. However, the game’s relentless pushing for in-app buys (and costly ones to boot) as well as the difficulty increase in later levels can be an easy target for parents who’s kids might want to grab the power-ups needed to get through the level.

Although the first levels are simple however, it’s almost impossible to get through later levels without help. The game’s requirement to include Facebook (so that you could beat your opponents on high scores) becomes a little old and isn’t obligatory.

It initially seemed like enjoyable. But it quickly becomes clear that the game is specifically aimed at securing players to pay. Every pop-up during a round is designed to offer special offers and deals. You don’t get the 5 full lives bonus if already have a few lives left. Certain levels are extremely difficult and have intentionally targeted rewards to convince players to spend money. It’s a real money/income based game. I am extremely disappointed and angry at the Greedy Company attempting to fleece players

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